ABAK Represents AgriBusiness in Frankfort

The AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky (ABAK) has been representing agribusinesses like yours at the State Capitol for many years. Through its affiliation with the Kentucky Retail Federation and its lobbying staff, ABAK has established itself as a major player in the legislative arena in Frankfort. What does that mean for Kentucky agribusiness? It means we have a seat at the policy table. It means our message is heard. And it means that we have influence on the decisions being made in Frankfort.

The Association is positioned to get information out quickly to its members and get grassroots response to legislative issues as they arise. This is important during the fast pace of the legislative session where issues can move through the process at lightning speed.


ABAK Provides Regulatory Solutions

The AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky has teamed up with Asmark Institute to streamline your compliance effort and leave you to what you do best:  Running your business. Asmark's proven system simplifies the regulatory compliance process. With more than 30 years of agriculture experience, the management team addresses regulatory requirements in a commonsense manner that produces positive results and yields peace of mind.


ABAK Saves Members Money

The AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky offers members access to a Workers' Compensation and Health Insurance program designed for agribusinesses.  Working through Midwestern Insurance Alliance  and the Kentucky Retail Federation and Communications Trust, Phil Brown Insurance Agency, Inc. is ready to give you a quote for your workers' compensation and health insurance needs.
For Program Information Contact:
Phil Brown Insurance Agency, Inc., 


ABAK Provides Training

The Association provides numerous training opportunities for its members, including an annual crop production seminar, pesticide applicator workshop, fertilizer bulk blend schools, and the annual membership meeting which features various business related topics. The AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky is continuously looking at the training needs of the membership and continues to build upon this strong tradition of providing education to its members.


ABAK Offers Industry Networking

As important as all of the above is the valuable networking opportunities members have when they participate in ABAK sponsored activities.  The agribusiness community of Kentucky is comprised of a number of players, and ABAK activities provide an opportunity for you to meet suppliers, your competitors and many times state officials in an informal atmosphere where business can be transacted, ideas shared and issues resolved.


ABAK Promotes Agricultural Learning

The ABAK Agricultural Scholarship has awarded more than $25,000 in scholarships to undergraduate students to help them afford the cost of a postsecondary education. The scholarship program was established in 1996 to recognize and assist Kentucky students majoring in agriculture.  The Association also serves on the Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom Program board of directors and takes an active part in promoting agriculture education in classrooms across the state.


ABAK has always been there for agricultural businesses through issue awareness, networking opportunities with agriculture suppliers/retailers/educators, government relations, and insight on new innovations in Ag. The AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky is community minded - giving back through scholarships, FFA and other worthy organizations.
— Jeff Rice, Rice AgriMarketing