The Agribusiness Association of Kentucky (ABAK) is an organization established to provide a strong voice in support of Kentucky agriculture. Its members are in the business of supplying inputs for agriculture production throughout the state. ABAK members are primarily engaged in the sale and manufacture of fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, seeds, feed and equipment, as well as the provision of related services, required to sustain and grow Kentucky's agricultural economy.


2017 ABAK Officers

Dan Masters

Vice President
Jeff Pendleton

Greg Thomas

Randy Atherton

Kevin Fields
Willie Hawkins

Board Advisors

Comm. Ryan Quarles
Dr. Todd Pfeiffer
Dr. Darrell Johnson
Dr. Josh McGrath

2017 ABAK Board of Directors

Kevin Fields
Wayne Hunt
Dave Case
Greg Thomas
Martin Settles
Todd Shilts
Jimmy Hendrick
Chip Willingham
Brent Williams
Jeff Pendleton
Randy Atherton
Steve Devine
Dan Masters
Mike Chalfant
Steve Wray
Jim Gibbs
Richards Warner
Blake Harrison
John Day
Willie Hawkins
Eddie Boyd
Alex Stivers
Todd Conway

ABAK Staff

Executive Director
Tod Griffin

Government Affairs
Gay Dwyer
Shannon Stiglitz
Kyle Kelly

Operations and Development
Cassie Grigsby

Mallory gill

Sarah Rowlette

Administrative Staff
Stacy Wallace