Member Spotlight: Jeff Pendleton, Hallway Feeds

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In 1982, Jeff Pendleton joined Hallway Feeds part-time during college when his fraternity brother, Lee Hall, said his family’s business could put him to work.

As Jeff approached graduation, Hallway Feeds President Bob Hall asked what he planned to do following college. 

“I told him, ‘I’m going to work for you!” Jeff said. He’s been with Hallway Feeds ever since and now serves as the company’s general manager.

When asked what he loves most about his career at Hallway Feeds, Jeff says there’s no getting in a rut. 

“I’ve had new challenges and opportunities and just combining that with the family culture and good people here makes it good,” said Jeff. “But ultimately the interaction with the customers and the successes we’ve shared with them.”

The family business structure, the ease of decision making and their niche business with the ideal location (Lexington) have given Hallway Feeds the ability to be nimble and well-positioned in the equine world.

“We honestly couldn’t have done what we’ve done anywhere else so you have that head start and you can’t recreate that,” Jeff explained.

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Being a non-family member in a family business, Jeff says, has helped him carry on the family culture and the tenure of Hallway Feeds employees reiterates that. Hallway Feeds employs 30 individuals, averaging 19 years tenure. 

Jeff says the company prides itself on the tenure of its employees, compensating them well and giving them responsibility. 

“Our product is consistent and our people are consistent and it matters to our customers,” Jeff stated.

Hallway Feeds has long been engaged in the AgriBusiness Association of Kentucky and the Kentucky Feed and Grain Association before that. Bob Hall, Lee Hall and Jeff Pendleton have all been involved or served as KFGA president at different points with the association. Jeff currently serves as ABAK vice president.

“Having a presence and a voice in Frankfort is one of the most important reasons for us to be a member,” said Jeff. “And we mirror that with the American Feed Industry Association at the national level.”

Jeff says the importance of ABAK membership is about having a good place to pare down, boil and condense the effects of legislation in the state, providing an inside scoop on policies and regulations, but also through networking opportunities and the value those opportunities provide.

When asked if he’d encourage other companies in the agribusiness industry to join ABAK, Jeff says “Absolutely.”

“One, if you’re running a business, you don’t need to be on an island. Two, it’s about the benefits of having a voice in Frankfort and the network the association provides,” Jeff explained.

Hallway Feeds has fed 11 of the last 18 Kentucky Derby winners, including the most recent Triple Crown and Grand Slam winner, American Pharoah. In 2017, at every major thoroughbred sale, the sale topper or highest selling yearling, was fed by Hallway Feeds. 

To learn more about Hallway Feeds, check out the video below.